The worst pun/More Telos

Hey guys check it out, I made the worst pun/wrote a thing about Fran├žois George making fun of Louis Althusser.

That’s Althusser. I think he used to pick fights with Foucault or something?


Fredy Perlman on Commodity Fetishism

Look you guys! I have another post up at Telos Press.

It’s about an article by Fredy Perlman, who was kind of a stud, if he’s your type:


Telos Press let me write things for some reason

Guys, LOOK!

It’s about the scientific revolution and how Descartes is kind of a jerk, but really it’s about Copernicus and Galileo and why Galileo’s heliocentrism was accepted while Copernicus’s wasn’t (and also how Descartes is kind of a jerk).